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Auto Repair Marietta GA 30064

FREE Oil Change Service or $25 OFF any repair or maintenance service of your choice (1st time cust.) at NAPA’s Premier Service Center Call: 770-428-2520.  This is my way of saying thanks for giving us a try and I hope that we will earn your business so you’ll choose to come back again and again.

Hello! My name is Fred Gagnon and I am the owner along with my wife Melinda of  NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair in Marietta GA located at 1280 Powder Springs Rd SW, Marietta GA 30064. Call: 770-428-2520

Thank you for coming to our page and I hope we will be able to be of service to you.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide you with the list of critical questions that I believe will help you ask the right questions;  allowing you to choose the right automotive repair center for repairing or maintaining your vehicle.  Read the tips closely as they are proven over time to help you make the right decisions.

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Asking These Questions Will Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes Before Purchasing Any Auto Repair or Maintenance Automotive Service

Question #1: Do they have the most up to date training and diagnostic equipment for your particular make of car? All their technicians should be ASE Certified, not just the owner or the lead technician.

Auto Repair Marietta GA 30064 at NAPA's Premier Service Center 770-428-2520You’ll want to make sure the technician doing your oil change or tire rotation knows what he or she is doing. Most shops hire only entry level technicians to do their oil change service. This can be a disaster if the “Oil Change Tech.” is not trained properly or lazy.  All it takes is a little carelessness to double gasket an oil filter or over tighten an oil plug to set you up for a breakdown down the road.

Question #2: Is the service center AAA Auto Repair Approved?  AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities lead the industry by adhering to the most stringent ethical, technical and customer service guidelines in the industry. Your can be assured that your getting the best possible service with a AAA Approved facility.

Question #3: Do they perform on your vehicle complete maintenance inspections (i.e. at least a 50+ point inspection) when you do a routine service to uncover any other potential problems? This should be done at no additional cost to you.NAPA's Premier Service Center 1280 Powder Sprtings Rd Marietta Ga 30064 770-428-2520

Question #4: Are their technicians ASE Certified? ASE Certification is the standard of excellence in the auto repair industry. Ask how many technicians are certified (i.e. all their technicians should be) and ask the service advisor to show the certificates to you. All the better shops I know of prominently display with pride their technicians ASE certifications. Ask to see their “wall of honor”.

Question #5: Will they offer you a shuttle ride to and from work or home the day your care is being serviced? All the best shops will offer you shuttle service to and back from your home or business. The worst thing for you is to have to wait many hours in a repair facility for a major repair or maintenance service.

Auto Repair Marietta GA 30064 at NAPA''s Premier Service Center 770-428-2520Be aware anything beyond a basic oil change service will always take more than an hour. The last thing you want… is to rush your service technician so you can get out the door quick. Quick service can mean sloppy service… so be considerate when setting your schedule.

All the best shops are considerate of their customers and consider it part of their “Customer Experience” to shuttle them to home or work with pick up later that same day for most routine services.

Question #6: Will they get your vehicle fixed right the first time and complete the work on the same day for most routine services? And if not… what is their guarantee.

Be careful here… many shops will promise you the sky when it comes to fast service. If a shop manages it work flow properly… they should be able to get you in and out same day better than 95% of the time for most routine services. Typically the only exceptions should be for major engine or suspension work or when parts availability is an issue.

Sometimes… things just happen in the work day which may prevent same day delivery of your vehicle. But, this should not be the rule and instead be clearly the exception to the rule!NAPA's Premier Service Center AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA 770-428-2520

Question #7: Do they guarantee all their work with “Nationwide Warranty” with at least a 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty. A nationwide warranty is critical as most break downs occur more than 50 miles from home. It’s absolutely critical that your service work be covered (parts & labor) nationwide.

Ask in detail what their guarantee means. Do they guarantee that they will not surprise you with extra charges at the end of the day?  Do they guarantee that they will not exceed their estimate for repairs without your expressed approval?  What happens if you’re not happy with the repairs?  Will they redo the work if you’re not happy?

At the end of the day… it they can’t meet your expectations for the repairs or maintenance services… will they refund 100% your money? This is important… if not then I would suggest you find someone that will stand 100% behind their work.

NAPA's Premier Service Center 1280 Powder Springs rd Marietta GA 30064 NAPA’s Premier Service Center | 1280 Powder Springs Rd SW Marietta GA 30064 770-428-2520


By following my suggestions and asking your prospective repair center these questions, you’ll gain all the information that you need to make an informed, intelligent decision. Most people really aren’t sure what questions to ask to make the right decision… now your know!

If you are just looking for the cheapest repairs possible, then many shops in the phone book can help you. I doubt that you will be happy with the experience.

But if you’re looking for an honest, ethical, professional auto repair company to protect your valuable investment – then I invite you to call me at NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair in Marietta Ga 30064Call 770-428-2520 and we’ll be happy to advise you of any questions you may have regarding your vehicle.

I or one of my service advisors will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free written estimate – without any obligation at all.

Please call me for an appointment at my service center in Marietta at 1280 Powder Springs Rd. Call now at call 770-428-2520.

Here’s one last point: I know that many consumers are real skeptical about a repair shop when they need their cars repaired. I don’t blame them. My industry sure has taken some pretty heavy hits in the media these past few years due to some practices of a few unethical repair shops.Auto Service Coupon $25 OFF at NAPA's Premier Service Center Marietta GA 30064 770-428-2520

Just know that if you visit my NAPA’s Premier Service Center you will find that you are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. My promise to you is that we will get your car fixed right the 1st time… fast… hassle FREE… at a price you can afford… with all my services backed by my personal “Make You Happy” 100% NO Risk Guarantee!!!!

Now, for “Special Offer”… if you are a first time customer and choose to bring your vehicle to me for repairs or maintenance services… I’ll take $25.00 OFF your ticket. Just say you’re a new customer and heard about this special offer on Fred’s website.

Again, thanks for coming to my web page.  I hope you found this consumer information helpful.

For more information about Auto Repair in Marietta GA or NAPA Auto Care and other locations across the United States go to or for auto parts to go

You can also get some great information on your vehicles maintenance from this Auto Maintenance Wiki site.

On behalf of myself and NAPA’s Premier Service Center, I thank you for your kind attention.

Again, my name is Fred Gagnon, and I want to be your first choice when it comes to you maintaining or repairing your families or business vehicles.

Thanks for the Kind Words from Many of Our Customers at NAPA’s Premeir Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA

Auto Service that Always Delivers on Time!
They make me feel like they have been waiting for me to arrive! NAPA's Premier Service Center is courteous of my schedule and always deliver on time!
Rachel Eidson, Marietta, GA

Auto Service that Cares About the Customer!
At last, a trustworthy, conscientious auto repair facility in Marietta with nice folks who know what they’re doing & care about the customer.
Bob Hackney, Marietta, GA

Excellent Automotive Service
We always get excellent customer service and fully trust the car maintenance done on our vehicles at NAPA's Premier Service Center.
Richard & Shirley Devries, Marietta, GA

Very Generous
Excellent customer service, very generous
Duane Rembert, Marietta, GA

Auto Service You Can Trust
After years of searching, I believe that I have finally found an automobile repair center in Marietta that I can trust!
Dale & Tammy Blar, Marietta, GA

Positive Auto Service Experience in Marietta GA
A positive auto service experience from start to finish.
Clifford Clayton, Marietta, GA

Professional Auto Care Performance
Could not ask for better auto service or more professional performance. The alignment job on my susuki was perfect, which no other shop has been able to accomplish since I’ve owned the car.
Lyle Schaefer, Marietta, GA

Auto Service that's Just Wonderful
Your location came highly recommended for Auto Repair in Marietta when we moved to this area. We have been with you ever since. Your entire front staff team, thank you cards, quarterly vehicle maintenance and maintenance reminders by mail has been just wonderful. Thank you so much for making our vehicle maintenance repair a pleasure and not a big hassle.
Josh & Carolyn Sharp, Marietta, GA

Auto Repair that's Responsible, Honest and Knowledgeable
For years I searched and searched for a car repair facility that would be personable, responsible, honest and knowledgeable… I finally found such a place with NAPA's Premier Service Center.
Cindy Bee, Marietta, GA

Top Auto Service Provider in Marietta GA
This is the best auto repair & service facility I have ever used.
Walter Griswaold, Marietta, GA

Genuinely Helpful
It was the urgently necessary auto service performed at exactly the needed time. All of NAPA's Premier customer service folk were genuinely helpful, including the shop owner / chauffer who drove me home and picked me up to retrieve my Jeep. Thanks to all.
Thomas Steele, Marietta, GA

Great Guys at NAPA's Premeir
Mike and crew at NAPA's Premier Service Center are great guys. I always feel better having them check out my car, especially before a long trip. Since my job is travel related and since my family and I go on frequent car trips, Premier is an important part of our trip planning.
Michael & Patricia Alexender, Marietta, GA

Great Service Always!
Excellent, trustworthy auto service always!
Barbara Stevenson, Marietta, GA

Auto Service that's Wonderful
As usual, I can’t say enough good things about you guys, your auto service is wonderful!
Jessica Gelston, Marietta, GA

Fred Gagnon Owner NAPA's Premier Service Center Marietta Ga 30064 770-428-2520

Fred Gagnon – Owner

NAPA’s Premier Service Center
AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA

1280 Powder Springs Rd SW
Marietta, GA 30064


P.S.  “We promise to provide you and your family with the needed work, with quality products. done well, finished on time and at a fair price, with all of our work guaranteed”.

Our Missions

* Quality Service – 100% done right and 100% on time!
* Quality Products
* To delight our customers by providing outstanding customer service and by offering solutions to their problems!

Our Values

* Sensitivity and empathy in everything we do
* Integrity always – always doing what’s right!
* Team members qualified to do the job right
* Courtesy
* Responsibility
* Cleanliness
* Concern for one another

Providing quality car care in Marietta, GA for almost 20 years. NAPA’s Premier Service Center | AAA Approved Auto Repair is a family owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair and maintenance services to the people of Marietta, Smyrna, Mableton and surrounding areas. The quality ASE (automotive service excellence) certified technicians at NAPA’s Premier Service Center employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles.

NAPA’s Premier Service Center is a certified Napa Auto Care Center, we are able to provide the benefits of an established national entity while maintaining the personal touch of a family owned business. We understand that your vehicle is a major investment, and that is why we care for each customer’s vehicle as if it were our own.

Here are a short listing of many of the services we offer as a AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop:

* Preventative Maintenance

o Scheduled Maintenance
o Maintenance Flushes
o Quality Oil Changes
o Hoses/Filters
o Timing Belts/Fan Belts

* Major Repair

o Major Engine Repair & Replacement
o Major Transmission Repair & REplacement
o Complete Drive Train Repair

* Diagnosis

o Emissions Diagnostics
o Computer Diagnostics
o “No-start” Experts
o Leak Repairs
o Check Engine Lights
o Diagnostic Specialists

* Engine Service

o Carburetor Repair/Overhaul
o Cooling Systems/Water Pumps/Radiators
o Timing Belts/Fan Belts
o Fuel Injection Cleaning/Repair

* Electrical

o Ignition Diagnosis and Repair
o Batteries/Starters/Alternators
o Electrical/Lights

* Transmission

o Transmission Service/Repair
o Clutches/Differential Repairs

* Brakes, etc.

o Brakes/Shocks/Struts
o Wheel Alignments
o C V Boots & Axles
o Suspension and Front-end Repair

* Emissions

o GA Certified Emission Testing
o Emission Repair
o Mufflers/Exhaust System
o Testing & Repair

* Safety & Comfort

o Air Conditioning/Heater
o Windshields/Auto Glass/Wipers

* Informational Services Available to All Our Customers

o Technical Service Bulletins
o Maintenance Inspections
o Factory Recall Information
o Pre-Purchase Inspections

Come by and visit one of the cleanest and most professional shops in Marietta Georgia.

Fred Gagnon – Owner

NAPA’s Premier Service Center
AAA Approved Auto Repair Marietta GA
1280 Powder Springs Rd SW
Marietta, GA 30064