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It’s always fun to learn interesting facts about cars. This mode of transportation has made commuting easy, convenient, and comfortable for humans. It has also contributed to the economic growth and progress of the country.

Today, many new cars have entered the Indian car market with a host of high-end car technologies and futuristic features. The industry is progressing but still there are certain car trivia that we may not know, some of which have shown a radical direction to the industry.

Here are the top 15 interesting facts on car and the car industry:

The First Japanese car in the United States was the Honda Accord manufactured in November 1982.

Chevrolet Imphala was one such car that had enjoyed a breaking sales record of more than one million in 1965.

The first cars used lever instead of steering wheel.

The first Porsche 911 was introduced in 1964 and generated a power output of 130 bhp.

An airbag takes only 40 milliseconds to inflate after an accident.

Ferrari makes a maximum of 14 cars every day.

The world’s longest traffic hold-up was between Paris and Lyon on the French Autoroute in 1980. it was about 110 miles long.

The first auto insurance policy was purchased in in 1897 in Westfield, MA.

Tata breaks the world records by producing the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano.

Windshield wipers were introduced by a woman.

The first self-propelled car was invented by Nicolas Cugnot in 1769. It was designed with three wheels and an engine in the front along with the boiler. The car was able to run at a speed of 6 km/h. The first self-propelled car was first used by French Army to move cannons.

Nicolas Cugnot designed another steam-driven vehicle two years later after he introduced the first steam-driven car. The machine ran well but one day it met an accident with a wall and this incident is recorded to be the first motor-accident.

In the late 18th century, Issac de Rivaz designed several successful steam-powered cars. Then in 1807 he designed the internal combustion engine that used a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to generate power. He then developed a car using this engine.

The first practical four-stroke engine was invented by the Otto and Langen Company of Deutz, Germany. Nikolaus Otto was working in a grocery store and one day he read about Lenoir’s two-stroke gas-driven internal combustion engine. Otto the started his own workshop supported by Langen in Deutz near Cologne in 1863. There he invented the four-stroke engine in 1876. Later, a German engineer named Gottlieb Daimler carried out much developments in the engine and introduced a practical four-stroke engine in that is still used in various car models.

In 1887, Benz was the first car company to be offered for sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Best way to take care of my car?
    Also, what is “Preventative Maintenance?”

    I have the 1991 Olds Cutlass Calais, 2.5L, many Original Parts. 164,000 Miles. Really runs perfect…

    … but i am confused as to:

    1) What Preventative Maintenance is, namely WHAT items get PMd (replaced BEFORE they Break,) and the Maintenace TImeline, car feels like it doesnt even need a -tune up- but im getting AC Delco Wires and Plugs anyways..

    2) If my Engine has the Timing Belt or Chain.. my mechanic says “Chain” and that it should be OK;

    and 3) what fluids/items/sensors I should “Change” (they -Seem- to work ok, Check Engine light comes on after time w AC on, that may be 02 sensor,) etc, no real “Problems..”

    And if i should get my Radiator Flushed and Coolant changed out before it gets cold outside.

    Any suggestions, or information? Thanks!

    I also drive it as if is IS a Cadillac because it kinda sorta is, so no worries there…

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing you could do to get very detailed answers to your question is buy a manual for your car. It will have all of the items on your car that need to be changed and at what mileage they need to be changed at. And yes get you radiator flushed, I flush my radiator on my jeep every year the first day of fall, so I did it yesterday.

    1998 Cavalier brakes-having problem 2 yrs and now lost them.Mechanics suggestion:?
    Replace brake master cylinder or it is from the connection with the computer? I do not understand the connection part? I am trying to research this, but have no clue where to begin. If you were to research my problem there are so many cars with this and there is no solution but on msnauto-replace ABS motor pack and all wheel sensors. Below is the timeline of problems if truly interested. Oh, called GM-literally and they want me to go to dealer and call them back with results and estimate…why?

    1) Relative from friend at church did all brakes for me (shoes and pads – 2007/2008). It took them four hrs. Come to find out later, he works on planes and never did a car before. I thought my brakes felt a little different, but I didn’t think anything because they were NEW.
    2) I almost missed an entrance on a busy road and I quickly turned in not knowing there was a massive hole in the middle. When I hit it there was a load ‘kaplunk’ and clicking under my hood. I hear a similar clicking and rattling now as I turn my steering wheel.
    Sometime later I noticed my back left tire sliding in gravel and dirt/grass.

    I took it to my maintenance mechanic – said my brakes needed adjustment. It helped about a week.
    I went to another garage- the ‘chain’ on the brake was not completely going in when Emergency brake released. He greased it and said it would have to be replaced if it did it again and adjusted brakes. Then I started sliding on wet pavement.
    I took it to a repair shop owned by ex-chevy repair service men – checked complete system; said pads and shoes need to be manufactured ones. My ABS needed both speed sensors and pigtail harnesses replaced; too expensive.
    Took to known garage in Greenville- can’t read first thing, receipt enclosed. Ran test on ABS- sensor erratic, he cleaned and reset; adjusted brakes. MESSED UP ON THE WAY HOME.
    Took it to someone who has done brakes or 10+ yrs – They removed and put everything back. One spring was turned backwards and seemed like shoes on one side were switched. Drove for a few days and it all started all over again. Took it back- Replaced a sensor; replaced shoes and drums. On the way home my lights, gauges, warning lights, etc went nuts. Never got it checked because it didn’t do it again although, it seems as if my lights inside and headlights have flashed slightly and so fast that I do not know if anyone notices.
    About three weeks later my ABS light started coming on every now and then, but there were no signs of anything else except that same noise coming from under my hood when I turned. I cannot say whether the noise is only linked to the light as I have never made that connection until recently. This has gone on for about 3 months. Then I noticed my brakes grabbing as I take off for the first time. It’s funny because the initial problem was my breaks grabbed every time I stopped. Now it is when I take off. It will do it that once and my ABS will come on most times and that is it. It is smooth sailing from there for. It’s been about four months.
    I hit another bad pot hole and the rattling was more severe but not as bad as the first and my air conditioner made a horrible noise. It went back to normal now in seconds.
    About 3 weeks later (which would be 8-3-11) I went to stop at the end of the drive and my car wouldn’t stop. I had to pull the E-brake. There was that weird rattling under the hood and it lasted longer. It’s as if the breaks would not engage while it was rattling. I put it in R and got it out of the highway and drove it around the yard and it ran smooth!
    Through all of this I noticed my traction light and ABS light coming on more and more. For about a month the ABS light comes on as soon as I move the car a few feet. It’s as if…if I could drive in a straight line I wouldn’t have a problem?

    • ANSWER:
      This looks complicated. I dont think us here will be able to help you out. You need professional opinion. You can try asking certified ASE technicians here. They have access to all the service manuals and will be able to provide you the exact information you need.

      Go to and ask them your question. For new customers, you can ask your questions FREE. Its always good to get second opinion before you repair it yourself or pay a mechanic hundredes of dollars.